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The Older Generation!

Which I am one of, but certainly don’t feel like – as I still walk, ride

horses, can run (if I must) and feel twenty years younger than I am!

The great thing about being in my sixties is that I understand the older

body; I know how much to push and when not to. Working in the world

of Postural Alignment is all about a blueprint of the human body, that if

we violate, we will be in pain.

The number of twisted chassis that I see is amazing. So, by

straightening them up through a set of corrective exercises, you’ll be as

good as new!  I am not saying that I have a magic wand to wave around,

rather that if you’re willing to put in the time, Postural Alignment really

works. I even run ten classes a week to keep you on the straight and

narrow path of discipline. Don’t wait a moment longer!

Try a class – the first one is free of charge – Simply…

the day before a class, email and send

me your name, email address and chosen class.

Here’s a list of classes currently running on UTC, UK time (find your time

zone offset here)

Monday 9am and 7pm

Tuesday 2pm and 6pm

Wednesday 9am and 7pm

Thursday 2pm and 6pm

Friday 9am

Saturday 10am

Post by Ouch! UK Squad Member

Caroline Clarke

Tel: +44 (0) 07875 537527


Location: Tavistock, Devon, UK or via Zoom: Everywhere!

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