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Online Classes are trending

Whether you are taking an yoga class, doing a little personal training, or taking a zoom class for educational purposes, online classes are setting the pace for the way we can expect to learn in the future. For many of us, taking an online class may have first been introduced to us as an option during the pandemic. However, after experiencing how convenient it can be, not to mention the fact that you can take a class about almost anything, people are flocking to online classes in greater and greater numbers.

Ouch! founder, Casey Lyon, has been giving online workshops for years. His workshops focus on helping parents and coaches keep their student athletes free from injury. (You can sign up for one of his workshops here...they are less than an hour, and available from anywhere in the world) As the time demands increase on our youth, and sports expect more and more from parents to provide resources for their kids, we live in a world where imbalance and catastrophic injury seems to be impacting our youngsters more than ever. Casey has been training health professionals online for 20 years. "It has been pretty common place for personal trainers and therapists to take continuing education classes online every year", said Lyon, "It's just...easy."

The World Economic Forum tracks statistics related to eLearning, and new online enrollments are up in 2021 by over 20 million new registrations. And while parents are not ready to replace in person learning with online learning, it is believed that 98% of companies engaged in corporate eLearning will be online exclusively in the near future.

In short, we should probably get familiar with Zoom.

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