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The Ouch! program

Ouch! is pain relief program that offers guaranteed results and a lifetime of confidence in your own ability to positively impact your health.

It's easy to see a path of recovery when you have a catastrophic injury. It usually starts with healing, time, and some sort of medication. It's the times when we aren't sure how we got hurt, or the times that sneak up on us as we get a little older, that give us the most trouble. It's not as easy to understand the cause of the problem, and harder to fix it, when the pain just shows up out of nowhere. However, when we think of the body as a machine that needs to stay in balance in order to operate effectively, then pain becomes a signal that tells us we are out of balance. And when we are out of balance, even the most basic of movements can create some sort of pain that alerts us to the problem. Rather than focus entirely on the pain, Ouch! works to help you understand the imbalance causing it, and giving you the relief you need.

Let’s be honest. We sit too much. We don’t stretch regularly. Even our diets are examples of convenience. As a result, our bodies become de-conditioned and out of balance. And we usually find it easier to just pop a pain reliever when we’re in pain. Yet, at the same time, effective pain management solutions are often too expensive, ineffective, inconvenient, or all of the above.

"We started Ouch! because we wanted to help get the world out of pain", says Casey Lyon, Ouch! Founder and CEO. "Our service is meant to empower each of you, and give you the knowledge and confidence to fix yourself. Whether you’ve had lingering body pain for years, or just woke up with a nerve pinch in your neck, you can successfully address your pain. We all have some sort of imbalance. If you're looking for it, we begin to see the same structural problems in folks regardless of their age or experiences."

Casey went on to explain using images of three individuals with similar problems. "When we look at these three people, all of different ages and genders, we see excessive rounding in the upper back. Most of the time we don't even notice the change as it's happening. But our environments, our daily activities, are taking our bodies and changing the structure in a subtle fashion. Our bodies take on the shape of a world driving in a car, sitting in front of computers...etc. Basically, a general lack of movement. All three of these people could have different aches and pains, but would need to return their bodies to the proper position and balance."

Casey Lyon has spent the last 30 years helping people get out of pain. As the Vice President of Therapy and Education at Egoscue, he was a lead therapist and Master Instructor at one of the most prestigious posture clinics in the world. Headquartered in North San Diego, Casey has helped thousands of people learn how postural conditions can create symptom and pain. He’s helped high profile athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, along with your friends and neighbors, successfully live a pain-free life.

The team at Ouch! has created a program to focus on specific areas of pain. Using an intuitive, free, digital evaluation, Ouch! intelligently delivers targeted stretches and exercises, in a DIY format, to address the cause of that pain. With the team at Ouch! only a click away just in case you need a little extra support, Casey’s vision to take this proven pain relief program, and make it accessible and affordable to all, is now ready to help you.

The end result is relief for your Ouch!

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