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Find your mountain and climb it

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

If you have been to the Ouch! Exercise Library, no doubt you have wondered why the routines are named for mountains. It seems like such a random naming convention that we asked the founder, Casey Lyon, to give us some insight on the topic...

Q: Hi Casey.

A: Hello

Q: What's with all the mountains in the Exercise Library? Are you a mountain climber or something?

A: HA! No not really. We do get that question a fair amount. The quick answer is that we needed to name the routines something...and mountains seemed like a pretty good metaphor. Also, when we set out to be available in multiple countries, and in multiple languages, a mountain, that might be located in an area near you, could act as a small bit of connection to the site community. A way to connect through shared effort, and a way to connect through shared locations.

Q: Did you have any other naming ideas for the routines? Or did you land on the idea for mountain ranges from the outset.

A: No...we had plenty of additional ideas. Most were boring or generic, and certainly did nothing to inspire anyone. I actually like the mountain names because they invoke the idea of beginning a journey, albeit sometimes a difficult one, but a journey all the same, which seems to fit within the theme of pain relief using Ouch!. There was an idea to use the names of roads or major thoroughfares in different countries, but that just seemed a bit tedious and made me think of being stuck in traffic. And besides, mountains are majestic and can be really beautiful. And although I don't climb many mountains, I've heard that there is an extreme sense of satisfaction one gets after making a trek up and then down a mountains it is.

Q: Do you have a favorite?

A: A routine? Or just the mountain?

Q: Either or both.

A: I do. My favorite mountain listed on the site is Aoraki. It's located in one of the pretty places on earth, New Zealand. And if you have ever seen a picture of it, the mountain is incredibly dramatic and beautiful from every angle. It's maybe one of the lesser known locations on the list, but it's absolutely gorgeous. My favorite routine is the one I'm doing today...

Q: Any advice for the reader about which mountain to choose from the library?

A: Well, the Evaluation the user go through will help them pick the right routine for their situation. Of course, we always welcome the efforts of a client looking to do more than just their routine. Sometimes a different routine can really make a difference. So we encourage a little experimentation from time to time.

Q: Well, Casey, I wanted to thank you for your time today, and for all you and Ouch! are doing to help people get out of pain.

A: You're very welcome, it's been my pleasure.

Just a reminder for everyone, the Ouch! program consists of a customized set of corrective exercises that are available to you through the Exercise Library at the top of the page. Go climb your mountain and feel better!

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

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