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Self care is the new normal

Healthcare costs are rising - an obvious fact. There are a number of reasons offered as to

“why”, depending on who you ask. The recent pandemic has also brought increased attention on our collective wellbeing, and how we would handle a non-COVID emergency if one should happen. Marry that with the lack of access to healthcare practitioners for regular screenings, check ups, and treatments for minor or elective procedures, and there is a greater need to increase self care in our lives.

Self care is one of the great advancements in healthcare. It’s up there with brushing your teeth when it comes to preventing disease and pain. The real advantage of self care is minimizing the effects of disease as a preventative. The idea of making a positive contribution to your own health has really kicked into high gear over the past few decades. Folks have started how easy it can be to positively impact their own health by using non-medical methods of treatment to promote well being.

Exercise, and more recently corrective exercises, have long been known to help endurance and blood flow. This in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body, which in turn lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease…etc. We know that we can lose weight by increasing our activity level. We know we can also remove pain, increase strength, flexibility, and improve our metabolic rate with the right combination of movements. The only thing we need is time and the knowledge of what needs to be done. Time has a value specific to each individual, and is often determined by how well one achieves the desired results . Programs need to work, or the client will feel like they are wasting their time. The “knowledge” part of the equation will depend on the source you get your information from. And that’s usually where the money, and costs, come into play. Experts can command thousands of dollars for their unique treatments.

The concept of self care, like brushing your teeth, is present in our lives on a daily basis. When we choose to manage our own care, it makes good sense to find a source of help at a reasonable price. And thankfully, the cost of therapy for physical pain problems is affordable, as long as the patient is willing to do more of the work. And that really comes down to a willingness to put in the time needed to be consistent. The costs will rise as soon as you require help from an expert. Client driven healthcare is powerful, and can really provide savings to the pocketbook. And any patient engaged in a more client driven model can decide if the results are worth the money spent. My advice…exhaust the more inexpensive options before you decide to pony up the big bucks.

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