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My pain has gone away after 3 days of doing the exercises. It’s kind of amazing...

Do I need to keep doing them?

You bet. We love when the changes happen quickly and give you great results. There is a window of time we call the “kinetic window”. It’s the time it takes for new changes to your mechanics and posture to remain in that new position. The nature of the body is to be either in a state of renewal, or a state of decline when it comes to conditioning. Consistent exercise keeps your conditioning level higher and makes the changes to your mechanics and posture more permanent.

If you stop doing your exercises you run the risk of falling into old movement patterns that created the pain in the first place. When your pain is gone, a good tool to use for measuring your progress is one of the tests from your initial evaluation. Check your balance from right to left with your shoes off, both before and after your exercises. You can also use a mirror to check your hand position, or just look down at your foot position...etc to see how far some of your postural imbalances still have to improve. Expect to see and feel the positive changes. It's the reason you feel better. Basically, enjoy the relief, but stay diligent on keeping yourself in a great place.

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